Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Plans so far......

These are the plans so far, we haven't decided as yet how we will place the house. Still tooing and frowing ideas and perspectives.....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

300 Bloody mm... Not Happy J aaaa n !!!!!!!!

I went up to the estate last Sunday after they rang me and said our house will need to be changed because we missed out by 300mm in keeping to 6mtr from road frontage.
Not happy about that at all I mean 300 bloody mm, it is a ruler length for god sake, but anyway I went up to discuss.

I had had my conversations with Daniel in the past and he has been great and even discussed this 300mm issue. He said that it should be OK and would be beneficial of us to get the neighbors approval that they don't mind us being forward of the boundary. Did this not a problem. We put it forward based on our conversations with Daniel for approval.

New person up there now, and it was denied. Flat out denied, no assistance or thoughts just denied. I cracked it big time, probably not the response they expected or wanted but I was pissed. The only help or idea I was given was that we are more than welcome to put it too council to see if they will change this for us, as the estate has been finalised with council based on the original boundaries. 8 Week process and $400 application, no guarantee of approval. (Anyone have thoughts on this) My initial though was/is, Bugger that.

I decided to go back to Nathan at Rawdon Hill and see what we could do with regards to shortening or narrowing the garage slightly to see if that makes a difference, still checking that out. Another option is to shift the house on an angle, but I think it will look crappy (technical term) offset to being straight.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mardi Gars Results Are In... and the winner is....

Well the winner is definitely Marriot Waters, there was about 15 couples up there by Friday night camping out in there cars, ready for the release on Saturday morning. Ten of those couples, or at least one partner, had been there since minimum of Tuesday before.
Unbelievable, considering there were only 5 water front blocks on sale.

I am glad the sales are going well though that just means our land value is going up and up and up, even before we have the title.

Which is another thing, I hope we will have titles by Mid November. Stress the word hope at this stage though.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More camping going on than the Sydney Mardi Gras

Well I called in to the Marriot Waters land office a couple of nights back, just to catch up with what is happening down there and see if there are any updates for title release as yet.
I found out that they are setting this weekend aside for Stages 3 & 4 signing will be happening Saturday 6th Oct. Well I thought we were nuts back in May for camping out overnight, there are people down there already camping out since Sat 29th September.

Holy cow, that means they are in their cars for a week..... CRAZY...

But I guess that means all is going well, especially for value in the estate also. Again good for us.
I also asked Daniel if it was OK for us to put his contact details on our blog, so approval was granted, and he said he would keep an eye on it... I am going to get some photos of how the estate is coming along to post soon.

We also had Nathan from Rawdon Hills come over to our place last night on his way home, we needed to sign some paperwork regarding the estate covenants and the house planing and layout on the block.. I think he also wanted to make sure I wasn't changing the plans and design of the house again too....
I mean we are only at our 5th change... :-) Probably about our 8th if you include when we were looking at Brookland Greens....

Again I asked permission to put his details on the site too...