Friday, November 30, 2007

Incentives for the few....

Well as I posted earlier, I was wondering what the, if any, discounts were going to be offered with the later releases. I got home from work last night and checked the mail and there was a notice from the estate listing the 5 new waterfront lots and stage five.

Apparently, if your a a Villawood platinum member you get an additional $3000 off your block, as well as the $2500 landscaping rebate, for using there preferred suppliers.

Well, well, well, regarding the platinum card membership, I am still awaiting my $500, for nominating my friends who also bought a block. I think I will be waiting a long time though and I am not really expecting it to come through as there is a fine print attached....

You see, when I first noticed the information regarding the estate, I joined there platinum membership, which is free, to get earlier updates as specified on their website. I also suggested to my friend, as they were interested in building and buying new land also, they just weren't sure where yet. So I suggested to look on the Villawood website and if they like it they should also join the platinum membership and get the early released information. So they did.

Well the fine print in the membership details, you know that crap that hardly anyone reads, well you should, it states that if the other party you have nominated is a platinum member the, "finders fee" is null and void. You are not entitled to the $500. That sucks.

So for future reference everyone, any offers like that, you need to keep your mouths shut and don't let anyone know about membership things like that if you are already one. Or if you do, check the fine print and then tell them not to join it.

On a brighter note, it appears as though the roads are having the bitumen laid currently... Yaaaayyy Not long now hopefully for titles......

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hot Cakes anyone????

Well, I just called in to the estate sales office to check out how things are going, and bugger me the land is selling like there is no tomorrow. Stage 5 is now selling, 3 & 4 are all gone except for one block in stage 4. Stage 1 & 2 don't bother with, unless you have a lot of spare cash for it.

Stage 5 by the way is already half sold and the release dates for titles is not until next September, damn, I thought we were waiting forever.

No more sleep overs as yet, I don't think they can release land quick enough. It makes me wonder about the additional discounts the purchasers are getting, as we are only getting $2500 pay back for landscaping if we use there preferred suppliers, because of the price differences between the stages. I will have to find out, before the curiosity kills me...

They still aren't sure as yet when our titles will be available, they still need to bitumen the roads yet and straighten up the light poles. But they are optimistic in the next couple of weeks, pigs ass.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Take nothing for granted!!!!!

Well in an earlier post I sated how impressed I was with the estate managers and that we could even get the crossover where we wanted it on the block and widen it up to 4 meters at no cost.
Well the estate is coming along and work is ongoing, but the crossover has been stuffed up, surprise! There was a change in personal at the sales office and it seams information hasn't been passed on to new personal, the crossover was supposed to be 4 meters wide and 3.5 - 4 meters off the north facing boundary markers. Bump Bow.... Well they made it 4 meters wide but it is on the boundary markers, so it would appear that I have two options. 1st. when we get hand over and the council have been out to check over, we will remove crossover and put in the correct one at our cost or 2nd, we will now have a crossover of approximately 12 meters in width. Again at our expense.
I suppose this is my fault for not continually checking up as often as I wanted to, but life and work should take priority ad they do at present. Just something to learn from I guess...
Just very disappointing..... :-(

Monday, November 5, 2007

Daniel is MIA......

Our main man from Villawood/Marriott Waters land sales office is no longer in the building. Not sure what happened but from what I understand (was told by a little birdie -Not Daniel) he was removed removed from the office by Winslow -the construction mob. Politics, don't you just love it.
This is a real shame, because he was the only person up there with all the information and knowledge at his finger tips, he was a pleasure to talk to and always had time for you. He was thorough, courteous and would go out of his way to assist you. He will be a loss in the land office.

So I have removed his contact details for the time being, as I wouldn't give you the contacts up there now. Lets just say, no where near as nice or helpful......

Good luck for what ever your future holds Daniel.....