Friday, December 7, 2007

We have had a win, Yippeeee...

Finally, we have had a win. The plans have been changed again, I think this is about our 9th or so time we have altered something. Nathan, from Rawdon Hill, has been fantastic and extremely patient with my demands. I think he thinks I might have a bit of OCD because we have made that many little changes, which means every time I think of something the plans go back to the draftsman/drawing board. I can't thank them enough at this stage.

Rawdon Hill Constructions have been brilliant, we have been going since Feb 07, changed drawing/plans at least 9 or so times I remember, we are now on our second estate and so far our expense has been for the soil testing at the first estate block of land. We decided not to go with that choice of estate because the block sale was a bit dodgy. So a great big thanks for Nathan and the company so putting up with us, so far, still a long way to go but we feel it is getting closer.....
I will try an get an image of the lay out to put up soon.....
Now all I have to do is get them up to the developer for approval, who I can thank enough at this stage. Thanks.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Slight change of plans.....

Well, good news, we think.
We have worked out where we can get an aditional 300mm from.
The only problem/way is to mirror the master bedroom, walk in robes and ensuite with the lounge and study. See below..

So as you can see, our bedroom would back on to the garage and ensuite to the kitchen and our lounge would back onto the laundry.

As is currently the lounge has a 900mm window (minimum) and the ensuite only has a 600mm window (we can get away with it being smaller) because it is not classified as living area it has a smaller window. So I think it is a win win, I think.

We will change the loungeroom small window into possbly french doors and add a little courtyard or something outside it, just a thought.